Artist Katja Vartiainen is behind katartpics. She has a Master of Fine Arts, painting degree from the Academy of Fine Arts of Marseille(FR), and four preparatory years from Turun Piirustuskoulu(AMK) from Turku, Finland. Designing prints is her latest passion.

She has done 3 doodle books and 2 graphic novels, and a picture book, all available on Amazon:


Her original paintings are available on Artmajeur.com at:     www.artmajeur.com/katartpics

and some as posters on this webpage. (See under posters).  She sells some of her cat paintings and more on Etsy:


Her other website is: www.artist-katja-vartiainen.de

She lives with her husband in Southern Germany, continues to do designs and illustrations and art, loves cats, and wishes for world and ecological peace.